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April 13, 2010

The Anti-Cupcake

Nobody’s going to be licking the screen over this one (Scott?), but tonight I had some hummus, olives and a plate of raw veggies, including turnip. Dinner was about 550 calories, total so far today I’m around 1200. I will haz a smoothie or an apple later. I haven’t decided.

I wanted to share with you a comment (and my reply) that I received regarding my post Adios Agave on April 1. Even lowly bloggers like me get lobbied. Form your own opinion.

No offense to your source, but the articles on the internet about agave are written with an ulterior motive. Please visit for the other side of the story. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised after reading this. And, if you would like to begin a dialog about agave, I am more than happy to help with any questions that you may have. Best regards!

Comment by Maryann — April 13, 2010 @ 3:30 pm

First of all, I didn’t cite any specific sources so for you to make assertions about motive is without merit. I read your link and I was not pleasantly surprised. I found a lot of double talk from someone who is trying to sell agave nectar. You imply that your article doesn’t have an ulterior motive which is insulting to my intelligence.

Many of the myths cited in the article may be just that, but they don’t address what I actually said or what my concerns are. Agave may be a naturally occurring substance, but agave nectar is not. It is arrived at by processing and that is not a myth. It also contains high levels of fructose and that is what gives me the most concern. That concern arises from a recent study released by Princeton. If you know of any ulterior motive they had, please enlighten me.

I know the study was done on HFCS, not agave nectar, but the study indicated that the problem was the imbalance of fructose and dextrose. Table sugar has equal amounts of both and they are bound together. If the proportion of fructose is higher than the dextrose, the molecules cannot all be bound and some freely absorbed fructose is in the mix. The mechanism of why fructose creates problems (and it does lead to high triglycerides, increased appetite, insulin resistance and raised uric acid levels). Since I am already near 400 lbs, diabetic (on insulin) and have gout (caused by raised uric acid levels), I think it is wiser for me to avoid anything that has disproportionate amounts of fructose.

The point in the article you linked about moderation is absolutely valid. But I have a problem with moderation when it comes to sugars. I have metabolic syndrome and simple carbohydrates of any kind set off the cycle off. I am assuming you search out blog references to agave nectar and respond according to the needs of your industry. I seriously doubt you read my whole blog and therefore you probably know next to nothing about me, so your self-serving advice is exactly that.

I like your product. But the simple out-of-context fact that it is low glycemic has been cited to me by several people supporting that it is a harmless natural substance that can be used as a substitute for sugar and have less consequences. That is the myth.

Comment by bigfatqueer — April 13, 2010 @ 10:00 pm

April 1, 2010

Adios Agave

I was advised to do some research on agave nectar because it might not be as healthy as advertised. I did my own research and learned something I did not know. Agave nectar is not a natural ingredient; it is highly processed, and it has as much as 90% fructose – more than high fructose corn syrup. It is true that it has a low glycemic index, but fructose is known to increase leptin resistance and insulin resistance and lead to weight gain. I had thought agave nectar was okay, but I read enough from sources I trust to question it.

Jeff Garlin said he had eliminated all sweeteners from his life. He drinks unsweetened tea and if he wants something sweet, he has a piece of fruit. I am beginning to think that is the way to go for me. I don’t drink sugar in coffee, so tea is really the only thing I add sweetener to, and actually it seems plain old sugar or honey might be healthier than the alternatives. Or nothing at all.

Beautiful day in New York today. I walked a mile and a half, some of it briskly. I took the subway instead of the bus, so there were stairs to climb. For lunch I had about a cup of sesame chicken (it has sugar, I know) and an orange, about 600-700 calories. For dinner I had half a small roast chicken with some raw vegetables (cauliflower, bok choy, mushrooms and fresh fava beans). This was another 600-700 calories. Later I will have a pear.

Probably too much chicken today, but really good on carbs. Yesterday and today I have maintained good control with less than 40 units of insulin. For the past couple of years I have probably injected 120+ units a day. This is significant improvement due to better diet, more movement and decreased insulin resistance.

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