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September 18, 2010

Pre-Stress Test

NY Harbor, originally uploaded by FantasticBabblings.

Monday I finally have my stress test at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, who claims to have a scanner that will accommodate a 430 pound body. Since mine is considerably less than that, I should fit – and still be in Manhattan, but just barely. I do wonder though how they come up with a number like 430, when the circumference of a 430 pound human can vary depending on height. In any event, I should fit.

When the test was first scheduled, or at last re-scheduled, I had a nightmare that I would be told after the test that they must crack open my chest immediately and do dastardly things to my innards. I really don’t have time for that foolishness. But it did feed some anxiety about the test. But by the week’s end I was feeling cocky that everything would be fine. At least good enough not to require any immediate surgery. I am a bit scalpel-phobic.

So today I put my heart to a little bit of stress to reassure myself. I walked four miles, most of it at a fairly brisk pace, a good mile or so uphill, and I had no chest pains, no shortness of breath and I do not feel fatigued, but rather invigorated. My poor ankle joints are a bit strained, but if you had to carry that weight you would too.

I did errands this morning and walked about a mile in the neighborhood. During my errands I ate at a diner, having eggs and sausage. I also had potatoes, which I usually eschew, because I knew I was going to be doing a lot of walking. I injected insulin, but I thought I compensated for the exercise. Then I took a subway to Brooklyn Heights to go to the promenade to shoot footage for my river project. I’m including the Harbor as well.

After Brooklyn Heights I intended to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan. You get a much better view walking towards Manhattan rather than from Manhattan to Brooklyn. I got about a quarter mile up the ramp to the bridge and started feeling a little wobbly. I tested my blood sugar and it was 110. I ate my emergency Snickers and walked a bit more, but still didn’t feel too strong. I tested my blood sugar again and it was 98, still going down despite the candy bar. I didn’t think it wise to continue as on the bridge there is no place to get anything sweet to eat or drink and I was also feeling a little dehydrated. So I re-traced my steps back to the entrance to the ramp where there is a diner and I sat for a while and had a grilled cheese sandwich with a Pepsi (a rather flat Pepsi, but it had sugar). After resting and getting some carbs I felt fine to continue on. So I did and completed the trip across with no problems. I got some really good footage and a few still shots as well, including the one in this post taken from the bridge looking toward the harbor with the Verazzano Narrows Bridge in the background.

After I post this I am going to have some Greek yogurt with peach slices and fresh raspberries.

After my transgression earlier in the week, I have been pretty responsible with eating and moving. Thursday I worked in another office from my usual office and ate some Vietnamese spring rolls and salad at a restaurant nearby. When I got home I made a gumbo from the breasts of the rotistterie chicken I had eaten part of (the dark meat) the night before. It was tasty, but later in the night I had stomach cramps and cold sweat. Everything cleared up by Friday, so I don’t know what it was, but I threw the gumbo away just in case. I didn’t want to eat anything I had eaten the day before.

Friday I had lunch with a colleague at a tavern near Madison Square Park. We split an appetizer plate with wings, chicken fingers and sliders (I had one slider). The small bun on the slider and the breading on the chicken finger (not all that much) were the only carbs. My entree was a grilled shrimp salad with avocado and hearts of palm. For dinner last night I had shrimp and walnuts with no rice from a Chinese restaurant.

I have had a lot of salty animal fat today, so I may eat only vegetables tomorrow. I can’t have any caffeine until later Monday and I don’t tolerate caffeine well late in the day, so probably Tuesday. I may have to get up early Tuesday just for a caffeine fix.

I will let you know how the stress test turns out.

September 8, 2010

Say Cheese!

I made Mac and Cheese with Dreamfields low carb pasta for dinner. This is in the southern casserole style. I boiled the elbows last night and layered them with white and yellow extra sharp cheddar. After building the layers I poured over milk and eggs to make a custard and hold it together. Then tonight I baked for about 30-35 minutes. I like the top to be a little caramelized and crunchy and the inside to be creamy. It came out perfect and tasted great. Oh, and I added some onion to the layers which added a nice flavor.

Also, I made a stew of okra, tomatoes, onions, and squash.

Today I walked two and a half miles. It was a good day for food and activity. Lunch was from Maoz vegetarian, the salad box with falafel and veggies.

August 26, 2010

OMG Potato Chips!


Some of the partners of my company had a luncheon today for whatever reason, but often whey they do they order a sandwich platter with various crap on the side (cookies, potato salad, fruit). After the luncheon they put the leftovers on a table in the staff lunch area so that the goodness trickles down. Ah noblesse oblige! Ok, I’m using a bit of hyperbole, but I usually decline partner leftovers. Today I noticed they had potato chips. I haven’t had a potato chip in a long time, so I ate one, then two… then I ran away.

It is a cliche, but it is hard to eat just one. Potato chips are the perfect junk food gateway drug. First of all, anything made with potatoes from gnocchi to vodka is so tasty. Add the crispness, the fat, the salt and voila! You have me hooked. And eating just one more isn’t so bad. Then just one more, then after you have eaten about a couple hundred of them, you think “What have I done?” And the guilt makes you eat some cheese just to atone.

For lunch today I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich on pump. I also had the other half of an avocado from yesterday and part of a white peach, which was pithy and mealy and not very tasty. Oh yes, and two potato chips.

Tonight I am making Eggs in Purgatory. More about that later.

April 24, 2010

An Afternoon in Union Square

I spent the afternoon in Union Square, mostly taking pictures. What else would I be doing? I also bought a few things at the Greenmarket, which is, to quote Joe Biden, a Big Fucking Deal in New York. It’s like a farmer’s market where farmers from New York and surrounding states come and sell organic fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese, flowers, meat, chicken, bread and other baked goods, preserves, pickles, etc. I was hoping to get some fresh tomatoes, but it is still a little early. I bought a couple of beautiful organic apples, one Winesap and one Macoun. Fresh tree-ripened New York State apples are delicious. I also bought a dozen jumbo organic eggs for seven dollars !!! – but they were gathered this morning in upstate NY. I bought some fresh Colby cheese made with goat’s milk from a farm in Pennsylvania. And I bought a bunch of ramps, which are in season locally now. Ramps are sometimes called wild leeks. They have a scallion-like bulb and broad leaves, and they have a garlicky flavor. I sautéed the greens and chopped the bulbs for pasta sauce.

Ah, the pasta. I had my weekly Dreamfields pasta (low carb) fix, angel hair, with a sauce of ramp bulbs, garlic, olive oil, red pepper and split grape tomatoes sautéed and mashed. Ramp greens and Colby cheese on the side.

I have not counted calories today. I will have a little peanut butter and maybe one of the fresh apples a bit later.

I am very pleased with some of the pictures I took today. I shot nearly 300 shots, so it will take a while to sort through and select and edit. But here is a teaser.

April 6, 2010

Eat Your Veggies

When I posted last night I wrote that I was going to have an ounce of cheddar cheese and some grapes for a snack. I wound up eating four ounces of cheese. I had late night cravings which I hadn’t had for a while. If I had known I was going to eat so much cheese I would have bought some good cheese, like a Gruyère or an aged Gouda. It wasn’t a major binge. I mean I didn’t eat a whole key lime pie or a quart of ice cream. Just a few extra ounces of cheese.

I think I know why I had the craving, though. I didn’t eat enough during the day. I wrote that I was a little under my target for the day, but not just in calories. For lunch I had a falafel sandwich and for dinner chicken and shrimp. But all day I had not had much vegetables. The good thing about vegetables is the low caloric density. You can eat a very large volume of vegetables and not load up on calories. They aid in the feeling of fullness and they digest slowly, releasing nutrients over a longer period of time than other foods. Thus at the end of the day my body was craving nutrition, which I filled with cheese, a food dense in fat, thus calories. I demonstrated to myself the importance of getting a good volume of vegetables every day.

I have walked a mile so far today. For lunch I am having a chicken thigh, a small pork chop (about 3 oz) and lots of broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, green beans, some grape tomatoes and a smattering of beets. About 500 calories. For my afternoon snack I will have some more grapes (about 100 calories), no cheese.

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