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September 15, 2010

I’ve Been Good. I’ve Been Bad. I’ve Been Good Again.

Met Life, originally uploaded by FantasticBabblings.

Two of the last three days I have eaten well and moved a lot. Sandwiched in between – not so good. Speaking of sandwich…

Yesterday I worked in our Long Island office. On the train out I had a Kashi GoLean cruncy bar. Not terrible, but I usually don’t eat breakfast and when I do, I usually eat more during the day. Sometimes for lunch I walk to the next building, about half a mile away, and they have a nice cafeteria there with tasty healthy choices. The deli in the basement of our building has some healthy choices, but none are tasty. Instead of walking over, which I could have done since it was a gorgeous day, I ate in the basement. I had a cheeseburger with fries. Tasty, but loaded with carbs, so I was hungry all day. I had some pretzels on the train back, and when I got back in the city, I went to La Caridad, an old favorite Cuban/Chinese dive with good food. I had fried pork chops (the menu says two, but for some reason they gave me three), yellow rice and red beans. Damn good. And when I got home I had ice cream. When I’m bad, I’m bad. The one bright spot is that I did walk a mile and a half.

Monday I did well. I had a salad with chicken and vegetables for lunch, no snacks and some turkey meatballs in broth when I got home. That was it all day, and I walked two miles.

Today I had ginger chicken for lunch, no rice, and for dinner I had half a rotisserie chicken and some steamed veggies quickly sauteed in coconut oil. That’s it for today. I walked over two miles, most of it after work. I went to the Hudson River park to shoot some video of the river for my long term project.

The picture here is the old Metropolitan Life building on Madison Square Park and 23rd Street. I took it on the trip home from the waterfront.

August 25, 2010

Fat is Good

Well, some fat. The conventional wisdom that so much of the health-care and food industry perpetuates is that low fat diets are good for everybody. They probably are, for some people, for example people who have normal blood sugar levels and high blood fat levels. They probably should eat less fat and more complex carbs.

But I am the opposite. My blood sugar is elevated and my blood fats are extremely low. Thus I think it makes sense for me to eat more fat and less carbs. But mostly the good fats from nuts, olive oil, avocado and for me it seems coconut fat is good. I went back to having some coconut oil and/or milk every day this week and I can tell a difference in my appetite. From what I read, medium-chain triglycerides (like coconut oil) are metabolized into energy almost as directly as carbs, and not immediately stored. But they don’t raise blood sugar, at least not for me.

I will monitor the levels because as a diabetic, I don’t want to risk any elevation of blood fats above normal, but as long as I can tolerate the good fats, I am less hungry. I learned that earlier in this project, but I drifted away from it.

Today for lunch I had a ham sandwich on pumpernickel, half an avocado and a tomato. For an afternoon snack I had a Golden Delicious apple. For dinner I had another of the same sandwich and a vegetable puree of yellow squash, onions, carrots and lima beans with some coconut milk and sriracha.

Before bed I will have a small frozen berry and coconut milk and coconut water smoothie.

I walked a mile and a half today.

I have a three day weekend coming up. My energy levels have improved this week. I don’t know how much of that is diet and how much is the demise of infection agents. I have some ideas of things I want to video since the weather is supposed to be really nice. It involves a little travel around bodies of water.

August 10, 2010

Chicken Oysters are Delicious

As many of you probably know, the oysters on a chicken are the two roundish pieces located on the chicken back next to the thigh. I tried to find a picture to illustrate them, but no luck. Many, myself included, consider the oysters to be the tastiest part of the chicken. They have the flavor and moisture of dark meat with the tigher musculature of white meat. And they are so tasty. I would like to have a whole bowl of just chicken oysters. I have never seen them sold separately. The French call them “médaillons du poulet”.

Last night I had half a rotisserie chicken. Tonight I cut up the other half and made a stew with sauteed onions, diced tomatoes, mixed vegetables, coconut milk and Sriracha. It was creamy and spicy. I had a salad with it.

Yesterday and today, granola for breakfast. Peanut butter on Finn Crisps with bananas for lunch.

It has been mucho caliente the last couple of days so I’ve only walked about a mile a day. I have not been able to use my resistance bands for a few weeks. I have had an injury in my shoulder, but it is much improved, though not 100%. I have iced it and taken Advil. The passing of time has also helped.

July 29, 2010

Less Than a Year to Go. Why Bother?

End of the World, originally uploaded by FantasticBabblings.

Since the world is ending May 21, 2011 should I even bother to get healthy? I think I can eat chicken McNuggets for a year and maybe survive until the apocalypse.

But anyhoo… Tonight I had a very nice meal. I stir-fried an assortment of vegetables (onions, tomatoes, yellow and green squash, peppers, corn, lima beans, carrots) in a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil and pureed them with some coconut milk and sriracha and made a lovely creamy soup. Then I sauteed some finely minced onions, threw in eight ounces of shrimp and at the end tossed in some rosemary and lemon zest. It was all very tasty.

Lunch was nothing unusual, about four ounces of chicken and a salad.

For breakfast I had some granola with skim milk and a banana. No snacks during the day today. Tonight I have some fresh cherries.

I walked a mile and a half today.

I am searching for something to read relating to food. Has anyone read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan? I am considering reading it and I just wondered if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions.

May 17, 2010

Back on Track

I worked a full day, and while I am a bit tired, I feel okay. I walked a mile and a half today.

For lunch I had a fillet of broiled tilapia and a salad. Dinner was chicken breast chopped up in chicken broth with onions and a tablespoon of coconut oil. I made a soup of yellow squash and onions and had about half dozen Brussels sprouts. About 1400 calories today. I will have some coconut water and a few pineapple chunks for my evening snack.

May 16, 2010

Long Walk by the River

I still am coughing, but it is a much shallower cough. In terms of energy I am much better. I walked two and a half miles today, mostly in the park along the East River. I live about midway between Central Park and the East River and I alternate between the two. It was a gorgeous day. I didn’t shoot any still pictures, but I shot some video. I am getting clips for a video I plan to make eventually about the life of Manhattan rivers.

I had a tomato and onion omelet for breakfast. Instead of potatoes I requested lettuce and tomato. I had rye toast, which was about the only simple carbs I had today. For dinner I had a quarter roast chicken, Brussels sprouts with olive oil and organic tomato soup with about a table spoon of coconut oil added to it. I also had a couple of avocado slices.

I tried the eating more often during the day, but I don’t think it works for me. I’m not denying that it probably increases the metabolism, but when I do it I find that I am spending a large portion of my day planning the meals and thinking about food. I think I eat more overall that way. It’s like exercise. It has to fit into my life. The five small meals a day feels like a gimmick – I’m not saying it is, but my life reacts to it that way. I doubt that our ancient ancestors had five small meals a day. They ate when they could, which sometimes wasn’t often.

I did fill out my calorie count log and I am at around 1600 calories today. But I did walk more than usual. I will eat an orange now.

Here is a short unedited clip from my walk today.

April 28, 2010

Warning: I May Stray

This is a picture I took over 25 years ago at Montauk. I love the visual tricks the shadows play. I will be there this weekend for a couple of days; the weather promises to be beautiful and warm. I may not be so disciplined while I am there. I will still keep refined carbs to a minimum, but I know I will have some fried oysters, one of my favorite guilty pleasures. But I also hope to have some healthy fresh (very fresh off the boat) fish. I don’t know if I will blog daily. I may just report when I get back.

Today I have had four feedings so far. Maybe I should call them eatings, since I do feed myself 🙂

In the morning I had prepared something with more protein, but I left it at home. When I got to work I bought a Cascadia Farm organic granola bar at the news stand downstairs. It was good and the nutrition info was pretty good until I got to the 30 grams of carbs. What was even more shocking was that it said this was 10% of the recommended daily amount. 300 grams of carbs a day! WTF? I also had ten almonds (plus or minus a nut).

Lunch was roast turkey breast (the food trough aka salad bar near the office roasts a whole turkey fresh every day and it is pretty good) and some baby spinach.

Later in the afternoon I had a cup of Fage 2% Greek yogurt and a small apple, with about a tablespoon of peanuts.

Dinner was steamed vegetables, 4 shrimp, 3 ounces of chicken breast, all tossed in some melted coconut oil.

Later I will have a small smoothie of coconut milk and mixed berries.

Again, without counting calories during the day, when I entered everything into the log it came out to 1526 calories. Interesting how that works out.

I walked a mile and three quarters today.

March 30, 2010

I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

Merv Griffin Sings:

Why coconuts? I’ll get to that later. First a recap of the day. This morning I could feel my blood sugar sliding a bit, so I had a Kashi bar, 140 calories and 14 g net carbs. That kept me in good energy until lunch. I ordered chicken and sour Chinese cabbage and bean sprouts, steamed with the sauce on the side, no rice. I only used about two tablespoons of the sauce (white sauce with scallions). That was about 400 calories, very few carbs. It was delicious and filled me until dinner, when I had a 6 oz lean sirloin patty on rye bread with a slice of Swiss cheese with some raw cauliflower and red pepper. Thats about 600 calories, so almost 1200 calories so far today and not very heavy on the carbs, reasonable on the fat.

Now, the coconuts. I have gotten a lot of advice from readers here and on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. All of it is appreciated and I look at everything people send. Most of it I am aware of on some level. I’ve always said if you want to know about nutrition ask a fat person. We have read it all and tried most of it. I don’t think I can ever follow any one regimented program, but I have to take what makes sense for me and what I can integrate into my life and stick with it for the rest of my life.

Someone mentioned that soy milk may not be as healthy as it is cracked up to be, and I have read about some of the health concerns – for men the phytoestrogens and their relationship with lower testosterone levels. I never believe in magic bullets in any aspect of life, including food. I think you have to mix it up and not rely on any so-called “superfood”. Soy is part of my diet, but not a major part. I don’t see enough reason to worry as long as I am not consuming mass quantities of soy. It does provide a complete protein and I like it. I frequently will have a smoothie for a snack with liquid (soy, almond milk or skim cow’s milk) blended with frozen fruits to make a tasty cold goo. In the interest of mixing it up a bit, tonight I am trying something different.

Someone wrote me about the beneficial properties of coconut oil. I had heard that before in a video on YouTube by Urgelt, who used to post often about healthy eating. He tells the story of how in the 1950s (I think) pig farmers tried to fatten their pigs by mixing coconut oil in their food. But the pigs got lean and muscular instead. Now apparently they use unsaturated vegetable oils mixed in the food to make them fat. I have read enough to think that there may be something to the benefits of coconut products, including the oil. So tonight I bought some organic coconut milk to mix with frozen strawberries for my smoothie. It isn’t coconut oil, but it contains some of the oil in it. I will let you know how it works out.

Urgelt’s video is not enabled for embedding, but you can see it here:

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