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March 30, 2010

Pasta Follow-up

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This morning my fasting blood glucose was 114, which for me is outstanding. This seems to verify that Dreamfields pasta has not only a low glycemic index (the amount that it spikes glucose soon after eating), but a low glycemic load (the total amount that it raises glucose over the full period of digestion). I am happy when I can get my morning reading under 150. To measure 114 the morning after having two cups of pasta is very, very good.

March 29, 2010

Pasta and Data

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Over many years I have frequently visited a site by David Mendosa, for information about diabetes. A while back  on his site I learned about Dreamfields brand of Pasta, which as made so as to reduce the amount of digestible carbs significantly. How they sequester the carbs is a mystery to me, but the label doesn’t seem to have anything mysterious or dangerous listed. I love pasta so I decided to try it. I bought some about a year ago at a supermarket nearby, but I looked for it recently and they didn’t have it. So I ordered some from The shipment arrived today, so tonight I decided to collect some data. Those of you who know me know that I love empirical data.

I used an amount of pasta that, according to the box, was about 380 calories. Let’s round it to 400. The box indicated that while the total carbs were 82 grams, the digestible carbs were 10g. Hard to believe. While I boiled the water I sautéed some onions and mushrooms in about a tablespoon of olive oil (120 calories). I added half a cup of Muir Glen organic Cabernet marinara sauce, 60 calories and 9 grams net carbs (11g-2g of fiber). Altogether dinner totaled about 600 calories and 30g of carbs. My blood glucose level before eating was 231, a bit high. I didn’t take my meter to work today and I didn’t inject any insulin at work. I had a light carb load for lunch, but I didn’t know my baseline and I didn’t want to risk a crash. I injected 40 units of insulin before dinner. For two cups of normal pasta, with a baseline of 231, I would usually inject 60 units (my insulin resistance is pretty high).

Dinner was delicious. Here is a picture of the actual dish:

An hour after eating my glucose reading was 198. Remarkable. Usually pasta would put me in the high 200s or even over 300. Two hours after eating it was 177. Starting at 231, eating 2 cups of pasta and two hours afterwards at 177 is stunning, in my experience.  In fact, I probably over estimated the insulin, which usually continues acting 3 to 4 hours for me. I will have some fruit before bed. I am a little low on the daily calorie target anyway.

Like all things results will vary. This is just anecdotal and large as I am, I’m not a large enough sample to have any statistical meaning. But for me, it was pasta, it was good and it was guilt free.

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