Big Fat Queer

April 6, 2010

Call Any Vegetable, And The Chances Are Good

the vegetable will respond to you:

Inspired by Jimmy Hook’s embedded Brian Wilson video comment on the last post, I am leading this post with one of my favorite Frank Zappa songs interpreted by his son Dweezil.

In addition to the mile earlier, I walked another half mile today rather briskly with no back pain and I climbed a few flights of stairs without getting too winded. The massage last night helped and I rearranged my pillows (eliminating a few) so that I was lying more flat.

For dinner I had some roast chicken with raw broccoli, cauliflower, fresh organic cherry tomatoes and pickled peppadew peppers, about 420 calories. Late afternoon at work I felt my blood sugar creeping down so I had a small package of peanut M&Ms. I didn’t want to have them, but it was the only sugar I had available. But since I needed sugar, they were delicious, but about 240 empty calories.

For my evening snack I will have a soy milk and frozen peaches smoothie. I will be on target for the day.

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