Big Fat Queer

July 5, 2010

I am Gangsta

Today was the last day of a four day Independence Day Weekend. I spent the first two days on my most recent YouTube video, which is embedded below. This was my first attempt at hip-hop. I did a video a few years ago that was sort of a rap (Frikkin’ Zipster) but it was more jazz or beatnik than hip-hop. I made it when Zipster08 from YouTube and I first became friends. We still are. I video chatted with him and Boomerchick55 and others last night. But this recent video gave me more appreciation for hip hop as an art form. It is hard. Getting the words written in the right rhythm and rhyme is hard enough, but actually rapping them is not easy. I had to shoot many times and often got off the beat, and once you do that you’re lost for the whole song. So I tip my hat to people who do this well, especially freestylers who make it up as they go along.

Yesterday I had an onion omelet. During the day I had some Finn Crisps with peanut butter and later some chicken wings with a salad. Last night I had fruit and tequila, the real agave nectar. Oh well, it was a holiday.

Today I had an onion and tomato omelet. I usually only eat eggs on weekends, but this was a four-day weekend, so I probably had too many eggs. I had some more Finn Crisps with peanut butter this afternoon and chicken and salad for dinner. I’m sounding like a broken record here.

It was in the mid 90s yesterday and high 90s today, so I didn’t venture out for a walk. Both days I did about a half hour working with resistance tubes. I have mentioned them before here. I have a couple, one is thicker and has more resistance. They are like large rubber bands with handles on them and you do exercises similar to other weight training routines, but instead of holding weights or using a machine, you use the stretching properties of the bands to create resistance. It isn’t measurable like weights so you have to experiment to find the resistance that you need to make the muscles work, but you develop an intuition for it. I have developed a routine and I record what I do so that I am developing some discipline about it. I have needed to add some resistance work to the walking, and it offers some alternative to walking in the oppressive heat.

Here is the video if you haven’t seen it already:

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