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August 30, 2011

A Walk in the Park

I walked from my apartment to Central Park this afternoon. It is about six tenths of a mile (or one kilometer). I sat for a while and enjoyed the view, then walked some more in the Park. When I was ready to go home I took a bus and got out a few blocks from home and walked the rest of the way. Altogether it was about 1.2 miles.

Despite that I didn’t feel as energetic today. I didn’t sleep so well last night. Since my surgery I have had a problem with my cpap machine. My mouth comes open a lot when I sleep. This reduces the effectiveness of the cpap since some of the air pressure escapes, and it also dries out my mouth and sinuses. The dried sinuses produced a sneezing jag that woke me up in the middle of the night and lasted for quite a long time. I even began to worry that I might injure something internal (like my incision) with the endless sneezing. I eventually got control of things and went back to sleep. I have had several short naps today, but I never really caught up. I don’t know why the open mouth problem has started. I have used the cpap for a few years now without the problem. In a few months I won’t even need it any more. Here’s hoping tonight I get better sleep so tomorrow will be more pleasant.

At least my lower energy today was not due to a lack of progress in recovery, but something explainable.

For lunch I had leftovers from dinner last night, cucumber soup, sweet potato mousse and some vegetable puree. For dinner I ordered a steamed platter from my favorite Chinese restaurant with vegetables and steamed shrimp. I blended five shrimp with a little egg drop soup to moisten them and it was tasty. I also blended some vegetables but they did not taste so good so I didn’t eat much. In place of the vegetables I had some apple-apricot sauce. I always seem to be able to get fruit down. I’m getting really tired of purees. In a week I can start real food. For breakfast I had a protein shake, which I will continue doing after I start real food for the protein supplementation.

P.S. When I was just about home I passed a restaurant around the corner from my building. There is an al fresco dining area. I saw my surgeon with four residents sitting outside having dinner. I started to say hello, but I decided not to bother them outside a professional situation. He was holding court with the young acolytes hanging on every word. I did find it a strange coincidence to see them there.

February 17, 2011

Salad with Shrimp and Steak

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Lunch today is a salad with romaine, shrimp, steak, hearts of palm, braising (craisins, damn auto-correct!) dressed with white balsamic vinaigrette. Tasty and about 600 calories. Not pictured two chocolate truffles 160 calories. Yes I’m counting them in the day’s total even if I don’t show them.

February 16, 2011

I Eat, Therefore I Blog

I have blogged pictures of all my food today. You can click to embiggen. Maybe it will help to keep me honest. For lunch I had the salad in the last post, which probably totalled about 400 calories with dressing. For dinner I had steamed vegetables (spinach, snow peas, bok choy, choy sum, with steamed shrimp, chicken and beef, with a peanut sesame sauce, and a little over half cup of brown rice, about 600 calories. The Chinese joint I order from includes complimentary pineapple chunks and lychees with each order. I will have that after I post this, less than 100 calories. It isn’t exactly a pint of Hagen Daaz, but it’s something sweet and healthier.

I walked about a mile today. The weather is warming up. For the last two months it has been brutal in New York, many feet of snow and very low temperatures. It has been difficult to walk outside, but that is changing. I bought a foot spa today that heats and massages the feet as well as creates bubbles in the water, like a jaccuzi. I will see how it works tonight. As I have mentioned in this blog before I have a lot of issues with foot pain. Maybe this will help.

September 18, 2010

Pre-Stress Test

NY Harbor, originally uploaded by FantasticBabblings.

Monday I finally have my stress test at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, who claims to have a scanner that will accommodate a 430 pound body. Since mine is considerably less than that, I should fit – and still be in Manhattan, but just barely. I do wonder though how they come up with a number like 430, when the circumference of a 430 pound human can vary depending on height. In any event, I should fit.

When the test was first scheduled, or at last re-scheduled, I had a nightmare that I would be told after the test that they must crack open my chest immediately and do dastardly things to my innards. I really don’t have time for that foolishness. But it did feed some anxiety about the test. But by the week’s end I was feeling cocky that everything would be fine. At least good enough not to require any immediate surgery. I am a bit scalpel-phobic.

So today I put my heart to a little bit of stress to reassure myself. I walked four miles, most of it at a fairly brisk pace, a good mile or so uphill, and I had no chest pains, no shortness of breath and I do not feel fatigued, but rather invigorated. My poor ankle joints are a bit strained, but if you had to carry that weight you would too.

I did errands this morning and walked about a mile in the neighborhood. During my errands I ate at a diner, having eggs and sausage. I also had potatoes, which I usually eschew, because I knew I was going to be doing a lot of walking. I injected insulin, but I thought I compensated for the exercise. Then I took a subway to Brooklyn Heights to go to the promenade to shoot footage for my river project. I’m including the Harbor as well.

After Brooklyn Heights I intended to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan. You get a much better view walking towards Manhattan rather than from Manhattan to Brooklyn. I got about a quarter mile up the ramp to the bridge and started feeling a little wobbly. I tested my blood sugar and it was 110. I ate my emergency Snickers and walked a bit more, but still didn’t feel too strong. I tested my blood sugar again and it was 98, still going down despite the candy bar. I didn’t think it wise to continue as on the bridge there is no place to get anything sweet to eat or drink and I was also feeling a little dehydrated. So I re-traced my steps back to the entrance to the ramp where there is a diner and I sat for a while and had a grilled cheese sandwich with a Pepsi (a rather flat Pepsi, but it had sugar). After resting and getting some carbs I felt fine to continue on. So I did and completed the trip across with no problems. I got some really good footage and a few still shots as well, including the one in this post taken from the bridge looking toward the harbor with the Verazzano Narrows Bridge in the background.

After I post this I am going to have some Greek yogurt with peach slices and fresh raspberries.

After my transgression earlier in the week, I have been pretty responsible with eating and moving. Thursday I worked in another office from my usual office and ate some Vietnamese spring rolls and salad at a restaurant nearby. When I got home I made a gumbo from the breasts of the rotistterie chicken I had eaten part of (the dark meat) the night before. It was tasty, but later in the night I had stomach cramps and cold sweat. Everything cleared up by Friday, so I don’t know what it was, but I threw the gumbo away just in case. I didn’t want to eat anything I had eaten the day before.

Friday I had lunch with a colleague at a tavern near Madison Square Park. We split an appetizer plate with wings, chicken fingers and sliders (I had one slider). The small bun on the slider and the breading on the chicken finger (not all that much) were the only carbs. My entree was a grilled shrimp salad with avocado and hearts of palm. For dinner last night I had shrimp and walnuts with no rice from a Chinese restaurant.

I have had a lot of salty animal fat today, so I may eat only vegetables tomorrow. I can’t have any caffeine until later Monday and I don’t tolerate caffeine well late in the day, so probably Tuesday. I may have to get up early Tuesday just for a caffeine fix.

I will let you know how the stress test turns out.

July 29, 2010

Less Than a Year to Go. Why Bother?

End of the World, originally uploaded by FantasticBabblings.

Since the world is ending May 21, 2011 should I even bother to get healthy? I think I can eat chicken McNuggets for a year and maybe survive until the apocalypse.

But anyhoo… Tonight I had a very nice meal. I stir-fried an assortment of vegetables (onions, tomatoes, yellow and green squash, peppers, corn, lima beans, carrots) in a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil and pureed them with some coconut milk and sriracha and made a lovely creamy soup. Then I sauteed some finely minced onions, threw in eight ounces of shrimp and at the end tossed in some rosemary and lemon zest. It was all very tasty.

Lunch was nothing unusual, about four ounces of chicken and a salad.

For breakfast I had some granola with skim milk and a banana. No snacks during the day today. Tonight I have some fresh cherries.

I walked a mile and a half today.

I am searching for something to read relating to food. Has anyone read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan? I am considering reading it and I just wondered if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions.

April 18, 2010

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –

I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

I mostly rested today, but I did go out and walk a mile. I had mapped out a longer course that would take me to Carl Shurz park by the East River (where Gracie Mansion is located), but it was windy and chilly on First Avenue, so I thought it might be windier and chillier by the river. I did manage to shoot some pictures, including the two in the dyptich above. On the left is the window of Anneliese’s Bakery. In the past when I walked by there and it was open, I had a hard time resisting stopping in to pick up a pastry. I am at the point – today at least – where I can look at that window and not feel the pangs and cravings that would normally make me gorge myself on carbohydrates. When I get a yen for carbs, it isn’t just sweets, though. It can be satisfied by potatoes, pasta, risotto, dumplings of all kinds… But I can resist it right now. I don’t know if it is because I have cleaned out my system of simple carbohydrates for long enough that the physical craving is diminished, or if I have pulled a psychological trick and convinced my mind that this is poison for me. Probably a combination of the two.

The picture on the right is part of the produce section of a gourmet grocer and specialty food store called Agata and Valentina. A&V is a wonderful store with fresh, high quality products and many organic items. Besides produce they have a great selection of cheeses (especially Italian), fish and meat. That it is a short walk away is one more reason I’m lucky to be where I am. When they opened in 1993, the manager was this very lively, friendly and very young woman who turned out to be Rachel Ray. Well she was then, but who knew? The regular shoppers there got to know her as the person you went to to help you find something. As much as she can get on my nerves, I have to say she did a great job.

Anyway, to get back to the point, I find the picture on the right much more appetizing. I got greens to make a large salad tonight of romaine, red leaf and green leaf lettuce and radicchio. I also bought some shrimp and had 12 ounces of steamed shrimp with the salad. I dressed the salad with a balsamic vinaigrette and tossed the steamed shrimp in a pat of butter, juice of half a lemon and salt and pepper. Between 650 and 700 calories and much more filling than the cakes at Anneliese’s, which would have been delicious, but I would still be eating.

For breakfast I had a tomato and onion omelet and two pieces of pumpernickel toast, with a little bit of butter, about 600 calories. I have room left over for a smoothie and I will be on target for the day.

Oh, I need to add that I weighed in at 378 this morning, a three pound loss for the week.

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